200HR Course Date
3rd July - 2nd August
3rd August - 2nd September
3rd Sept - 2nd October
3rd October - 2nd November
3rd November - 2nd December
3rd December - 2nd January
3rd January - 2nd February
3rd February - 2nd March
3rd March - 2nd April
3rd April- 2nd May
3rd May - 2nd June
3rd June-2nd July
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I was really excited to learn yoga from Vyasa peeth after learning about the center from a friend of mine. I opted for the 300-hr course and found it too much helpful. The teaching staff who guided us to practice yoga correctly were very helpful. I opted for the accommodation provided by the center and found it to be okay. It had attached bath. Food offered here were also good.

Mark Francis

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Welcome To Vedic Meditation Yoga School

Vedic Meditation Yoga School is one of the most renowned registered international yoga schools in Rishikesh, India. We are registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 ans also affiliated to the Yoga Alliance USA to offer the best yoga teaching and training under state-of-the-art infrastructure to students come from across the world.

Rishikesh is named as the capital city of yoga science in the country for its yoga culture, history and great sadhus who have discovered and practiced the fitness art for ages. The city is on the foothills of Himalaya Mountain equipped with immense scenic beauty to help learners practice yoga abreast of nature.

Vedic Meditation Yoga School is strategically located in Rishikesh to offer comfortable staying while taking the training of yoga. We have experienced and qualified teachers. We offer best accommodation in the city and ayurveda meal to help you keep fit and fine while imparting the knowledge of this great and proven technique to stay healthy.

We emphasize on the best yoga practices with our tailor-made course module to suit every individual under different categories. The courses help in promoting immense good health, keeping diseases away and also achieving the super-conscious state of mind.

200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course Rishikesh

The 200 hours yoga training course in Rishikesh is based on traditional style and is taught by accredited instructors and expertise. The teachers here have years of experience in imparting the knowledge of yoga and practicing the art. The students who come here to learn yoga courses are segregated in smaller groups to help the teacher and learner create a strong bond of teaching and learning between them. This offers personal guidance to each who comes all the way from their country to our centers.

The course teaches different Asanas that is important in Ashtanga Vinaysa, and Hatha Yoga. It also gives a brief knowledge about the history of yogic sciences and theory of yoga as well as ayurveda.
Our teachers offer tips on how to lead a healthy life by following mannered lifestyle habits. After the completion of the course a certificate is offered that is recognized throughout the world.

Course Content: 1-Asthanga Vinyasa yoga 2- Classical Hatha Yoga 3- Pranayamas 4-Yoga nidra 5- Kundalini Yoga 6- Meditation Read More


300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

The 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course here in Rishikesh gives a deeper knowledge in Yoga and you can find the perfect answers to all your queries about this traditional art to keep fit and healthy the mind, soul and body. The course is designed as per the guidelines of Yoga Alliance USA. On the completion of this 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course all the students are rewarded with certificate of International recognition. Read More

500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Rishikesh, India

All your yoga queries and questions end here if you undertake the 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course. The yoga instructors teaches complete yogic philosophy under this course to nourish and brush the skills acquired over time. It is an advanced study course that includes the study of vedas, mantra chanting, mudra formations apart from history of yoga and other segments. Read More

Yoga Teacher Training in Nepal

Vedic Meditation Yoga School also has its established school in Nepal. It is located in the Pokhara district to help students learn yoga amid nature. The place is offered with pristine beauty and pastoral influence of the teachers and students a delight in itself. The teaching is imparted based on the standards set up by the Yoga Alliance. We offer here all the course i.e. 200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course, 300 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course and 500 Hours Yoga Teacher Training course. Certification of completion is also offered to all the students at the end of the courses. Read More


One week Yoga Retreat With Vedic Meditation Yoga School

Vedic Meditation Yoga School focuses in restoring your spirits in the Yoga retreat, which is a 7 days learning of new theories. The complete package of the retreat will completely refresh you with the practices of yoga and meditation. We offer the teaching of ancient yogic forms such as the Ashtanga Yoga, the Pranayama, the Hatya Yoga and the Yogic philosophy. These are not tough to practice and are enjoyable apart from being healthy.

Package: 1: Yoga Classes 2: Meditation Classes 3: 2 Ayurvedic Massage 4: Himalayan Trip 5: River Rafting 6: Camping 7 : Rishikesh Sight-seeing ......Read More

Mission & Vision
Our core mission is to improve the physical, vital as well as mental health of people who come to us. We strive to keep free of diseases with the help of yoga practicing, Ayurveda and naturopathy.
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Our Teachers
We have the best yoga teachers in yoga and meditation. They have years of experience in practicing yoga and teaching it as well. They are well qualified and know fluent English too apart from Indian languages..... Read More
Rules & Regulations
Every institute and every center have some rules and regulations to be followed by learners, and so do Vedic Meditation Yoga School has. All the participants who come here to impart yoga knowledge and training are requested
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Spiritual Masters
India has always been blessed with great people. In Hindu culture the country has witnessed the birth and living of great saints, sadhus and spiritual masters such as Maharshi Vyasa,..
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